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We have a new toy in town, the Museum At the Stream: MAS)

Contents of 4 other museums have been moved into this brand new building.
Already a place of pilgrimage for photographers, also because most of the glass is ondulated, giving special effects. Opens today.
restaurant at the top, 105 euro pp, excl. drinks.

H3Dii HC 80 2.8




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Very nice, wonderful colours and imagine the reflections on a cloudy day. Glad to see the lens arrived in good order!


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Don't tell me, you have one of these yellowish ebay thingies too?
Maybe i could have tilted this another 0.5 degrees clockwise, or maybe this is a Pisa remake intended by the architect. (Pisa, not Pizza)

As for WA. If you knew the stuff standing around this thing that I did not want in the pic, like cranes, trucks, compressors, people preparing for the fireworks.... admit it, it's a great pic, even pixelated.