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Maximum SD card capacity for Digilux


Well-Known Member
I have been using 128MB SD cards for my Digilux 1, but I have switched to TIF storage and need to go up to a larger card (10 photos per card is not enough!).

Has anyone tried a larger card in the Digilux 1? Also, if anyone knows of a way to store images in TIF but NOT store a JPG at the same time I'd be interested. I find it strange that storing in TIF gives the same image in JPG as well- perhaps that is part of the reason it is so SLOW writing the picture.

Thanks, and happy shooting!
- marc


Well-Known Member
No problems with 512MB cards either.
Slow writing is due to the size of the pict and without JPEG images you could not see your picture on the LCD creen.



> > > > The manual for my Digilux (the original one from five years back) said > it would only take SmartMedia up to a certain size. But in fact it > will take any SmartMedia cards - the size limit mentioned in the > manual was just the largest card they had in 1998, newer larger cards > work just as well. > > >