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Maxxum 4000 AF Remote



Hi, Bought a s/h Maxxum 4000 AF Flash Unit today complete with a "Minicell Slave Unit" from Jessops here in the U.K.
The Minicell hotshoe fits onto the base of the flash unit a treat, but nothing occurs when I fire another flash unit (HS5600D).
Yes, I am in range.
Yes, the cell can see the main flash unit.
There does not seem to be any way of switching the Maxxum Flash into manual mode without attaching it to the camera first and of course this unit will not fit my Dynax 7 camera, so I am stumped there.
Does anyone know why the Minicell will not fire the flash unit?
The Maxxum 4000 seems to work O.K. from the controls on the back plate.
I just bought it as a cheap way of getting a fill light for home portraiture, yes I know the 5600HSD will work remotely, but I am just being greedy and wanted two off-camera light sources!


It's O.K. now folks. I worked out (by accident) that you need to test fire the flash unit each time you turn it on with the Minicell attached. Works every time now with 5600HSD, Dynax 7 onboard flash and digital onboard flash............
Now comes the fun of working out lighting ratios e.t.c.
'Bye for the moment,