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Maxxum 5


New Member
I love to take photos and for 10 years I have asked my husband for a minolta camera. I got the maxxum 5 this year as a early christmas gift. From what I heard its supposed to be a good one to really get started with my photo obsesion I have, smiles. Once I learn all the features I am sure it will be great, but at camera america it was a good price and came with 2 free classes to take in january so tell me I did good with my choice of first REAL cameras.


Hi Helen,
I am glad that after 10 years of asking your dear husband you finally got a nice camera ;-) I bought the Maxxum 5 two years ago and I have not regretted it since then. It takes awesome pictures, with the lens it came with as well as with another one I bought afterwards. It is easy to handle and will bring you alot of fun, I promise!
Merry Xmas, Tina