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Maxxum 7 Full Program mode


New Member
This is my first posting to this group and my second day owning a Maxxum 7 body. I went out this morning to shoot my first test rolls. I shot two rolls of ISO 200/Fuji and had them processed to CD by Ritz. I have owned a Max5 for the last year and have been shooting on Minolta XG-1's for years(20?)with no problems. I also own a Dimage 7hi which has given me fantastic results. I am planing on using both of low scale commercial work. My question is: After getting the photos processed I noticed that the landscapes tended to be washed out, now granted it was about 7am when I shot them, but I was wondering if anyone has used the full program mode and how their shots turned out? It was early sun and shadows were hard but the light was very muted. (Seattle) I was shooting in the adjustable program mode and I thought my logic around the camera was pretty good but then again, maybe not.
I am looking for the best possible scenario for quick shots with very little setup time.
Also does anyone have their head around the honeycomb metering system.

Thanks for any advise.