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maxxum 7 vs others




I have Dynax 505si super but am really not happy how loud it can be in certain situations (concerts, quiet indoors etc.). I'm referring mainly to the click-wrooooom sound of taking the picture (zooming sounds are not a problem as I can cope with manual focus easily).

Could anyone tell is Dynax 7 any quieter in this respect? I read somewhere that it has two modes - normal and quiet and that in quiet mode it gets conciderably slower (fps) but have not managed to find any additional information. Is this misinformation?

So any experience - Dynax 7 vs. Dynax 505si super loudness-wise?



Hi Siim,

Yes the Dynax 7 is very much more silent than older generations of cameras. We have the 500 Si, Minolta 9 and 7. The 7 is the Most silent of all. Especially the steering of the aperture is more silent.


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I'm currently bidding a Maxxum 7 in according to the seller, this camera is manufactured from Thailand and the price (Salesman demo set, about $430 USD) is much more cheaper than Singapore(New,made in Japan, $780 USD). Is that any difference btw the camera that made in Japan and other countries ???



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> > > See: > >
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> > and > >
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> > ... and the camera series was discontinued long before the Minolta 7 was released. Also, it was MORE expensive when new than the 7, and was only affordable US$300 after it was discontinued, and I've seen it going for less than US$200 from
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It was designed for > first release in 1995, and it's success brought on the Minolta 9 which is a direct descendent in it's lineage. The Minolta 7 then followed. > > I'd love a modernized version, as there is a gap between the current Minolta 5 and Minolta 7. A new Minolta 6 with less gizmos than the Minolta 7 but with the Minolta 7's focus and programming and winding features would be a direct threat to the Nikon F/N80, which is cheaper and > simpler than the Minolta 7, and more sophisticated than the Minolta 5. Ouch! A BIG hole for Minolta customers to fall through - and I know, as a Nikon F/N80 somehow made it into our own family - but what could I do? The Minolta 5 was substandard, and the Minolta 7 was too > expensive. Minolta 6, where are you? > > Peter Blaise Monahon -



The 650si was MORE expensive than the 7?? Certainly not in Japan. I got one of my 507's (650) new in 1998, and it was only 55,000 yen with two (admittedly cheap) lenses. I've never seen a new 7 sold for less than 70,000 yen, and it lists for 125,000 yen.

Certainly, you can now find a used 507 in Shinjuku for about 10,000 yen. Maybe I'll get a third one before they're all gone--could become a real collector's item.


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The Minolta 507si/600si/650si series was as much as US$600 when new at it's peak, and the Minolta 7 is as low as US$550. Even so, how inexpensive would they have to make the Minolta 507si/600si/650si to fit in well with the current Minolta 7 and 5? It's auto focus is slow, it's big and noisy, has no rear curtain sync, and so on. My point is that it's production cycle was well past it's prime and past it's window of competitive opportunity, and it's factory production line cost way too much money to justify having it crank out an old, non-competitive, expensive camera and then have to discount it heavily to sell it. Would you buy a Minolta 507si/600si/650si today for the same price of a Minolta 7? Probably not. The Minolta 507si/600si/650si now often sells for less that US$200 at
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and that is, sadly, what it is worth. Hey, I love mine, and can't justify replacing it with a Minolta 7 solely for image quality ... but soon, when I get enough spare cash ... soon!

Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon



Thanks for the comment. First of all, I'm surprised that the 650 was so expensive in the states back in the day, and second, I'm surprised that the 7 is so cheap! After reading your comment, I think I see what is at play here:

It is a common tactic of Japanese manufacturers to fiddle with their domestic v. export sales prices in order to stake out larger shares of the market. The standard trend is to sell expensive in Japan to recover R&D costs and what-not, then sell cheap in the States and elsewhere so as to gain foreign market share. Since everyone does it, no one loses much market share in Japan because the market is protected from foreign imports--it's the consumers in Japan who pay for this strategy, year in and year out. I'm not totally sure that this is true of camera makers, but it is defeinitely true of automobiles and consumer electronics. I don't know how else to explain the price weirdness.

I love my 507's (both of them!), too, but last month I broke down and got a 7. What a beautiful machine it is...

btw, you could get a 507 in Japan 4.5 years ago, used, for about $230. I think it's probably around $100 now.


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> Loke (My_photography) wrote: > > Is the 9 focus point area selection > in Dynax 7 superior to the 3 point > area focus in Dynax 9?

Hi Loke,

Yes - according to Minolta, the Minolta 7 is the top performer of their R&D Research and Development output in the current lineup. THe Minolta 9 has other features and benefits -- what's important to you?

Why do you ask? What is your own answer?

You must know that there is no "better", really, there is only "appropriate for ..." your own particular photographic goals and skill set.

For instance, the focus "points" on the original Minolta 7000 are "better" than the non-focus points on the then existing Minolta X-700 ... and I use my Minolta X-700 all the time with great pleasure and satisfaction.

So it all depends - you are the only one who can answer the REAL question:

"Is the 9 focus point area selection in Dynax 7 superior to the 3 point area focus in Dynax 9 FOR ME?"

I don't know.

You tell us!

Is it -- for you?


Love and hugs,

Peter Blaise Monahon -
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I don't know. My feeling is the 9 focus area point is better. I have never used Dynax 9 or 7. Read quite a lot on them both. I am using 9xi and am thinking to update. Not sure whether it is worthwhile soing so.


I have the 7 (with the 9 focus points), and I really only use the center point. The camera sometimes makes strange decisions about which focus point it thinks you want, so I usually just center-spot focus and recompose.

Does anyone really need 9 (or even 3) focus points?

I've never used the 9, but I can testify that the 7 is a great camera.


"Do you know about the maxxum á-70?????"

I was unable to access your link, however I believe many Minolta cameras sold in Japan are called Alpha, followed by the same number used in other markets. Therefore the camera you ask about would most likely be the Maxxum 70 in North America. The 70 is still a current camera, a dumbed down 7. I honestly don't know why they would do such a thing. The 7 was IMO the best film camera they produced. (I have never used a 9)