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Maxxum9 and wireless flash



Hi All,
I have a Maxxum 9 and a Minolta 5600HS flash.
I want to add another 5600HS flash and use them off camera (wireless)as a main and fill for portraits. The flash manual is not clear. How to set the two flashes in lighting ratios. And can the on camera flash be set to a minumum so it sets off the off camera flash without adding significant light to the neg? ie can you use the flash dile on the camera or will that effect all three flashes?
Any other tips for using several wireless off camera flashes. Are there any books on the Max9 and the wireless flash system?
Vince B


In wireless mode the built in flash puts out negligible light unless you use ratio mode. The Maxxum 9 manual tells you how to use the built in for 1:2 ratio (1 from the built in and 2 from the off camera flash).

With 2 5600's you can set ratio mode on the flash. Set one for 1:2 and the other for 2:1. The 5600 manual tells you how to do this.