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Mecablitz 32 CT 3



Maybe this is a stupid question but I am haveing a problem understanding the following in the hand book:-
the film speed should be set both on the camera and on the flashgun.
If you wish to check the exposure prior to picture shooting, in order to find out the best aperture setting, proceed as follows:
Set the camera's f-number on the flashgun and trigger a flash by hand, aiming the flashgun towards the subject. If the auto check signal on the flashgun is lit, the apeture is properly set. However , if the auto check signal remains dark, the same proceedure must be repeated with a smaller f-number. The aperture determined in this manner is then set on the camera and the flashgun is reset to TTL.
Maybe I'm thick but there is only one control (excluding the mode switch) a slider marked with f-stops and two arrows pointin upwards to film speed in ASA and DIN and under the slider is distance scale in feet and meters. and so finaly to the question. If I use the arrows to set the correct film speed (as per instructions), there is no way to set the correct f-stop (without altering the film speed). If I set the correct f-stop to film speed then an incorrect film speed is set try as I might there is no way to set two variables with one control.
Help please John
ps why is metz web site such c**p.