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Metz 54 MZ-3 and the Contax N1


Has anybody made already experience with the new Metz 54 MZ-3 and the Contax N1?

Pro/Cons and which adapter would be the best?

Thanks in advance



"the best is SCA-3802"

Thank you Francisco. I just checked last week with a Contax dealer. There will be a new metz adapter out soon. The reason is, that the current SCA-3802 works fine with the N1, but not properly with the Nx.

So if somebody is thinking about buying a metz adapter, he/she should wait still for a couple of weeks til the new one is coming out...



Dirk, Does this adaptor have new number? or will it just be an upgraded version of the 3802?


Hi Colin,

sorry for the late reply regarding Metz 54 MZ 3 and N1.

My dealer send me now the normal SCA 3802. I asked therefore Metz directly and they wrote me (within 1 day!) back.

Their statement is that they can not guarantee the proper functions with the NX (N1 is fine), because they tested it not yet - surprising after 8 months in the market.

BUT they ASSUME that all functions are working properly. They asked me to come back again in a couple of weeks.

Conclusion: Excellent costumer support of Metz, but very slow adaption to new camera models (at least for Contax models)