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Can anyone tell me how to activate the MF-29 to make it imprint on the film. I have set the date and time but do not have the instruction to understand how to make it imprint on the film.



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Hey guys,

Does anyone use a Wacom tablet and if so which one? I do heaps of Photoshop and I don't mind using the mouse, however I have been told that the Wacom tablet is much easier to use, once you get over the hard bit of learning how to use it. There's Intuos or Graphire just to mention a few. Love to hear some feedback.

Thanks, Helen
I have been using a Wacom tablet for about 2 years now and could not live without it. You have more control than with the mouse. I compare the mouse to trying to paint with a brick instead of a brush. Plus many more uses and advantages.


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I use the Graphire, and found no learning curve whatever. I use it for all applications. Within any application, there are some things more easily done with the stylus and others with the mouse. I am not really even particularly conscious of switching back and forth, it has become so natural - just grab for the one that works best for the task of the moment.

I have never felt a need for an Intuos - it seems to have its main market among those with either full time users of Painter or those with very deep pockets. An artist friend tells me that Painter and Intuos are the perfect marriage. However, with Photoshop, 3-D applications, music, web and e-mail, video and all the rest, the Graphire meets all my needs admirably. I might add that of all my applications, Paint Shop Pro has the greatest support and utilization.

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> How do you decide what size to buy? I use Photoshop CS2 and am on it most > of the day several days of the week.


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I heard that the 8x6 is pretty perfect. 5x4 is a little too small and the larger ones are too large. So I'll probably go for the 8x6 Graphire 4, I think. They have them on Ebay buy it now price for around AU $200. I'm a bit wary of Ebay at the moment though, as I just paid AU$1650 for a new camera, only to be told after I deposited the money into a bank account that that Ebay seller (with over 400 positive feedbacks) has now been deregistered and being investigated for fraud. Great, just blew 1650 bucks. I'm hoping that all of a sudden my new camera will turn up in the mail (just a bit of positive thinking!!)