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Migrating to the new forumsoftware almost finished...

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Dear Hasselblad users,

now we are here, with this new software, new features and all old postings imported into this new forumsoftware.

We adapted the layout as much as possible to the old one you are used to. All postings, threads, users and passwords are imported. Only user albums and user profile information could not be imported.

We still have to streamline the forum structure and adapt it as discussed in the other poll-thread. But this will take a few days, because we need first to concentrate on bugfixing.

This new software is a lot more fun to use than the old one. You will realize this very quickly. With this software, we are ready for future technologies in the internet and on devices. The biggest positive difference is the usability for you. You can even use the forum incl. upload images with your smartphone/tablet and Tapatalk. This will be available in a few days. We will announce it then.

External links to images on flickr etc. are easy possible and also allowed. You do not need to upload the same image in all different kind of places. In case you want to host your images on our server, the new image upload sizes for normal users and CI-Club members are improved. And there are no banner-ads visible for supporting Clubmembers etc. pp.

We are now in a kind of beta phase. Everybody can test all features. See also the comparison between the features for the different userlevels in the CI-Club FAQ section here:

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New features will be added over the coming weeks and of course we try to fix all bugs you may find over the next days. We will announce as soon as the beta phase is finished. This will be not before 2013.

All old urls will be redirected to this new forum end of this week.

4. The stomach - what I feel about it...

Please tell us what you think about this new structure. We open a new thread specifically for your feedback here:

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5. The problems - WTF is this feature for...?

If you have problems with some features, please post here:

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(For each problem please an individual thread)

6. The nightmare - login problems

If you can not login with your old password or forgot it, please read here:

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Since this was a long post, just a quick note:

After logging in, please check and correct in your profile

- your time zone
- your profile fields
- your avatar (your old one will be too small)
- your preferred email address (in case ypu want o use another one for alerts/thread messages from this forum)

I am sure that there will be still bugs, and not everything will work perfectly at the beginning. Please bear with us.

Best wishes
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