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Ming Thein early impressions on X1D



one of our users already posted that in July in the early impressions thread. I put this first impressions review now also in a separate thread, so that it is not overseen.

Ming Thein is an excellent photographer and is used to work with various equipment. From one inch sensors over mirrorless APS-C and fullframe up to Medium Format. He really knows what he is talking about. He is not just a blogger or the "usual tester" on the internet. I like personally his images and shooting style. He publishes by the way also very good videos about postprocessing and making good images before thy are on the computer.

He was elected recently as an ambassador for Hasselblad.

So back to the X1D. He got a preproduction model a couple of months ago and he posted his first impressions and some images on his website. Enjoy the reading:

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Best wishes