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Minolta 28100mm F3556 AFD lens




My brother is fishing for a camera and of course I'm pushing Minolta
Well not really but...

So I happened to see a Dynax 5 kit with Minolta 28-100mm F3.5-5.6 AF-D lens. Don't find this listed on Minolta homepage
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Does anyone have any information about this lens? Same quality as 28-80 F3.5-5.6 only slightly longer?

Thanks and cheers,

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Hi Siim,

That's the same topic I tried to find out about this lens on almost every Minolta groups and forum on the Internet
I bought the Dynax5 with the 28-100. It's little about the 28-20, but it's practically nothing about the 28-100. So I'm testing it myself. I've shot so far only a roll, a negative Fuji 400, but soon I hope to take a Sensia 200 to see the real thing. I can post some pictures taken with this lens if you want to see.

Also on the Minolta websites there is only one place to find it, in a pdf file about minolta lens system, and it's branded new as spring 2003. Out here in photo shops there is only the 28-100 and no 28-80 on kits for Dynax5 and Dynax4.

I'm now interested in finding out about the 75-300 D lens which I intend to buy to have a matching tele for my Dynax.

Cheers, Codz