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Minolta MD Macro 50mm



I was browsing through a pawn shop earlier today and came across a piece of Minolta equipment designed to photograph slides. I thought that perhaps there might be some way to jury rig it to photograph some of my old slides with my Nikon digital so I took it on trial. I could not seem to make that happen, but somehow fooling around with it the lens wound up on my X-7A. Wow! what a nice little lens. Crystal in the viewfinder and easy to focus. Seemed to maintain good depth of field.
It has some numbering on it that I am not familiar with. There is a bevel on the focusing ring with numbering from +1/4 to +1 that corresponds to numbering on the lens barrel as it extends for focusing. The numbering on the barrel runs from 1:10 almost closed to 1:2 almost full extended. What does this numbering represent?
I think that I will buy the slide equipment just for the lens.