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Minolta versus Nikon


I had a rather extended conversation today with a salesperson at a local pro photoshop. In my opinion, he was honest, knowledgeable, and forthright. He indicated that at this time, he felt the Nikon 5000 was "slightly" superior to the Minolta, especailly for B&W. He suggested that I shoot Ilford XP2 400 and see the results. Amazingly, his opinion was that a high quality scanner such as the Nikon or Minolta at this time--may produce superior images to digital camera input. I think this may be how I proceed, although I am disappointed the 5000 does not have firewire ability at this point. but USB 2.0 is close. Thoughts?


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Hi Jack,

The specs for USB2 are 480Mb/s and Firewire in its 1st implementation is 400Mb/s and in the latest 800Mb/s. You may have a bottle neck in the computer that will slow this rate down. I think that we are looking at a few years before we see a digital with film resolution.