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Mirror up mode=no image


Active Member
The mirror up mode on my SD14 goes through the proper sequence of delay and then shutter activation but does not record an image on the card. Is this a common problem? Am I doing something wrong? I bought the camera used on Ebay.
I have been using the camera for a few weeks now. I think my retinas are spoiled because images from my Olympus Pen now look defective.


Well-Known Member
What do you mean with "proper sequence of delay and then shutter activation"? (Sorry I'm not english people.)

For my SD14, it needs to full shutter button press to lock mirror up and subsequential half-press to take image. IIRC waiting 30 seconds releases mirror without taking image.


Active Member
Thanks, my camera is working properly then. I thought you could use this mode to prevent camera shake when using long lenses.

If a remote release is used it would be useful.

Having to touch the camera with a 1000mm mirror lens on the camera produces way to much shake.


Well-Known Member need to pick-up a wireless or wired shutter release...put that on your camera when you are ready to take a picture....I use that with my long lenses....helps a lot....the second thing you need is a good tripod...I use a Manfrotto 475 and a Wimberly keep the camera and lens shakes down...


Good Luck...Tony C. :z04_cowboy: