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Mm and mc lens


New Member
I posted this question under the 159 review forum, but i think i should have posted here. Anyway, I have a question regarding mm type and mc type lens with regards to the contax 159.What are the differences? What will be my limitations When using mc lens in the program mode? Will it work properly? I would assume the manual side would still work okay but i don't know. I am new to the 159, ok I'm several years behind, but I'm trying to match up my existing lens collection to my "new to me" Contax 159.Any and all help will be most appreciated, Johnny


Hi Johnny,
I think the question you are asking is what is the differance between MM & AE lenses(MC meanes multi-coated a proccess to stop internal reflections within lenses all CZY lenses are MC)with MM lenses you can use all the availiable exposure modes with your 159MM if you fit AE lenses you will only be able to use Av apature priority & manual mode if you accidently set a mode that is not available you will not damage camera or lens the camera will just ignore you and expose using apeture priority.
Hope this helps John


Johnny, Which do you mean, AE or the Yashica MC lenses? Yashica manufactured three types of lenses the DSB, the ML (Multi layered) and, to confuse the issue, they came out with the MC (Multi Coated) John Bird is right all CZY lenses are Multi Coated but there is a specific group of Yashica lenses that have the letters "MC" on them. The MC lenses like the MM CZ lennses have the last apiture setting in green. I presume the "MC" lenses work just like the "MM" lenses do -- that is, you can use "P" mode with them. I hope this helps. Vincent


>>I presume the "MC" lenses work just like the "MM" lenses do -- that is, you can use "P" mode with them. I hope this helps. Vincent<<

I don't *think* the MC labeled lenses have the MM tab to mate with the 159 and later body tab. That would be the true indicator of MM capability.



Well-Known Member
And......not forgetting the MLC i.e. ML Compact!

Agree with Dave, MC's are not MM equivalent!

The MC's are probably a development of the MLC's ... i.e. compact versions of ML's with more polycarbonate to them.

John Bird's post sums up the functionality.

Just to cap off the next question! ML's, MLC's, MC's and Zeiss AE's and MM's all work in Program Modes on some Yashica bodies (i.e. Like MM on Contax), because Yashica use a different method to Contax to enable the Program modes (etc.) to operate.

Cheers, Bob.


New Member
thanks for the info.i had read somewhere about "any lens" with a green f number being mm comp and that had lead to a bit of my confusion. thanks to all for clearing it up.


Hi johnny the info on green f No. is correct for Contax T* lenses.