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MM functionality with non Zeiss lenses


Well-Known Member
I am seeing unexpected behaviour with my Vivitar 17-28mm F4/4.5 Zoom lense on my Contax 167. It defaults to program modes rather than Aperture Priority. This would seem to suggest that the camerea thinks that it is an MM lense!. I presume that this is an oddity of the 167 MT and that the lense is really only AE compatible. Does anyone know for sure, is my Vivitar Zoom actually MM compatible. The Camera body succesfully drops back to AE lense mode with other lenses. How is MM mode detected by a Contax body.



Well-Known Member
My understanding of the use of MM lenses is that you have to set the aperture to the minimum setting, which is usually coloured green on the aperture ring, and the camera is then able to make use of the shutter priority and program modes. There is an extra tab on the aperture ring, so there must be a pin or other linkage inside the lens mount that will recognise these lenses. It's not something I've really experimented with as I only have one MM-compatible camera body, an AX, and I only use it in Aperture Priority mode.

Hopefully someone else can give you a better answer.