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Mock-Bridal Shoot with Models...


Well-Known Member
I was contacted by a hair-stylist in July to shoot so they could have pictures for their portfolio....

I made sure and snapped a few with my SD14 Nikon F mount....using a Zeiss 85 1.4 & 50 1.4

Hope you guys like them...

SDIM2485 (Medium).jpg

T-1 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2511 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2524-1 (Medium).jpg

Used a different WB...
T-2 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2600 (Medium).jpg


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Part II....

SDIM2615 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2630-1 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2650 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2645 (Medium).jpg

SDIM2654 (Medium).jpg

I hope you like the set....thanks for looking...and CC always welcomed..

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: