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Monitor Calibration


New Member
Hey there.... Just wondering if any of the more digital darkroom savvy photographers out there can point me in the right direction regarding monitor calibration. I know you can invest a bit of money and get a spyder and other equipment to do a technically brilliant job of it all, but I dont really want to expend all that cash that I'm saving to buy myself bigger and better glass !!! I have found a lot of sites on the net - but they either seem to be way too basic, or just mega complicated. I can find my way around a computer quite well, but I am not quite a genuis.... I want to be able to have decent gamma for both PC and Mac, and have a relatively foolproof way to set up my computer's black & white points as well as colour balance for web output as well as taking the final images off to a printer for something a little more solid. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.