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hello all,

I'm looking at options for a monopod for my RTSIII-I've lookedat a few, mainly, manofrotto. Be good to have some advice from you all who have experience with monopods, as i have none - naturally i want as it light and compact as possible, but still useful. I'd like to strap it to my camera bag. I don't take landscapes, but rather need it for steadying shots, such as speeds of .30 to about 2 seconds - low light/portraiture /atmospheric shots. Queries i have:
1. is the 276 junior monopod stable enough for this?
2. carbon versus the aliminium pods - i am thinking about the carbon 449 vs 679 (4section) - quite a price difference between the two - is it worth it?
3. the gitzopod - does it still exist - cannot find one to look at in shops (the UK)
I'm aware that monopods were discussed earlier, but could not find the thread, and did not seem to answer the questions i have.


Well-Known Member
If you are using RTS III and a camera bag, I think, ultimately, that the weight is secondary in importance! That is, unless you are already near the limit of your comfortable load carrying capacity!

I've used 3 Manfrotto monopods of the years and can recommend that you trust their engineering, whichever model you end up buying.

Things to consider:

Is the maximum extended height compatible with your eye-level height?

Is the leg section locking method to your taste? Personally, I don't like twist locks, or screw knobs, I prefer big chunky levers, as on my 079-4 and on my partner's (was mine
) 479-B. The levers are very positive and very easy and fast to use.

Althought sold separately, make sure you choose the head to suite your taste. We both use 234RC heads, but one has the newer "snap" action device when you mount the quick-release plate on the head.

Hope this helps! Bob.


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I agree totally with Bob and use similar gear - I have the same Quick Release plates on all my bodies and big lenses which fit the corresponding mounts that I have put on my tripod , monopod and even macro focusing rail . That way changing around is a matter of only the flick of a lever rather than faffing around with screw threads etc when your one in a million shot is rapidly disappearing! Oh , yes , I'm a bit lazy too! Steve


> Paul,

no i haven't - what options do they offer, and how do they compare with manfrotto?



> Bob,

thanks for the reply - i think with the rts and other stuff, a lighter monopod, or compact one, would make the total weight bearable, as long as i continue to go to gym! I don't think height is too much of an issue, I'm not 6foot. The head you mention - is it the swivel, or quick release - i might prefer the former as quick release becomes chunky. The 479 - is it 3 or 4-section?, and is it comparable to the 449/ 679 size, or the smaller 276?



If anyone is interested I have a Velbon Carmagne CUP-40 carbon fiber monopod complete with Bogen/Manfrotto tilting head with quick release. I have only used it once - I am not a monopod guy! I would consider selling the combo.



Hi Marc,

Where are you based in the UK? You may find the Gitzo at The Pro Centre - they are based in London (near Moorgate) and have a lot of Gitzo stuff.

From my experience, Manfrottos are excellent - also give some consideration to the head you will be using.

Cheers, Saras



thanks for the info - i am in london, so i'll have a look. i'd consider the mafrotto or gitzo.