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More greetings from Wodonga...


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Hello again!

Thought I would post another pic I took a couple of weeks ago, also on the high plains of the mountains near my home town. The rocks are called "Ruined Castle". It is lit by very early morning sunlight, just after it rose above the mountains on the horizon behind me. That is why it has such a warm effect. During the rest of the day, these basalt rocks just present a very dreary range of greys.

Incidentally, this was the first snow for the year and has since melted into oblivion.

Sincerely, Jim Roelofs


  • Ruined Castle D.jpg
    Ruined Castle D.jpg
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Guest .

Hi Jim,

a very impressive picture that makes me clear that I do know too little about Australia.

I just got myself informed that you are just facing the winter term ... just the oposit is the case here in Germany. We are looking forward to the summer!

Well, you made me curious and so I tried to spot you with GOOGLE EARTH .... :D

Well ... here you are ....:)

Sample 16.jpg

...and here I am ...:z04_5769:

Sample 15.jpg

It is an extreme distance .... really fascinating, Jim! Would be very nice, if we could stay in contact here.


although your picture is very small I find the colours very SIGMA-like. The brilliant blue sky and the comparatively "warm" colours of the rocks are good pieces of image composition ... so .... it "feels" warm and cold at the same time.

Well, as the EXIFs tell me .... exposure is not quite what I would heve expected?

You stopped down apperture to f:22 at a shutter speed of 1/5s with your SD14 at ISO50 . Did you use a tripod or a SIGMA OS lens?;)

See you with nice photos ... such as yours:)



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Yes, Klaus, nearly ever time I set up I use a tripod. I always shoot with AO+ prints in mind. I don't always print to that size, but I never know when one of my clients wants a mural size print.

Take a look at
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where you will find a pic of one of my prints in a boardroom which measures 1.5metre on the long side and I have done even larger prints from a single frame. It is one of the reasons I cannot even contemplate having to do without my SD cameras.

The lens used was the 105 macro and f22 was decided because of required DOF. Another thing I love is the deep blue sky without the need for a polarizing filter. This of course is made possible by ensuring the sun is nice and low and directly behind the camera.

Here is an overall shot of "Ruined Castle" .

Sincerely Jim Roelofs


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Ruined Castle Picture...

Sorry guys, couldn't get the link to work in reply so here it is instead.

EDIT: KLAUS: No Problem Jim ... I moved it here.

Sincerely, Jim Roelofs


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    Framed RC 1.jpg
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Guest .

Hi Jim,

a good observation! The other day, I wrote in our German SIGMA-Forum, that those who have A SIGMA, do not need a polarizing filter to emphsize a blue sky. This effect is even stronger with SD9/10 than with the SD14.
Firmware 1.07 has done final corrections to the blue-performance of the SD14.

Maybe that the SD14 now is more honest as far as blue colour performance is concerned ... the SD9/10 blue-sky (which is even slightly "stronger" compared to the SD14) is nicer in many cases.

Of course, it is no real problem to tune colour performance using colour corrections with your imaging software. :)

See you with nice pictures