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More Zone Plates....


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Another couple of zone plate images taken with the 503.

In early December 2009 I met up with a few Ape Huggers..(APUG'rs) to shoot a few landscapes around the Carlingford area of Co Louth. One of the group brought us to a field up in the mountains where there was a wonderful lone tree.

The most amazing thing about that field was that there was so much of interest to photograph I didn't even get to photograph the famous tree...instead I stopped at this one which was growing out of a rock.

One day I must return to catch that other tree.

Zone Plate: 75mm F65 on a Hasselblad 503CW

Processing: Fuji 400 asa rated @ 320 asa Rodinal 1:50 for 18 mins


  • Carlingford,Tree-ZP3.jpg
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  • Carlingford,Tree-ZP3.jpg
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