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MotorDrive to big


Compaired to the Motor-Winder that looks like it's part of the R8 or R9 camera, I have read that the Motor-Drive extends further out in the rear of the camera.

I was wondering if the area on the Motor-Drive sticking out past the bottom of the camera gets in the way of one's face or jaw bone while looking through the viewfinder?


Barney, While the R8/9 motor drive is a little larger than the winder, it does not get in the way of normal operation. You can go to the Leica web site, I'm sure they have a picture of it attached to a camera. Happ Snaps, Sal
I don't know about the motordrive but i use the winder with the powerpack. The powerpack does extend further out in the rear of the camera. It is however not in the way. Making portraits it might even help as an extra handgrip.

Michiel Fokkema


New Member
Dear Barney

I use the Motor Drive extensively, and do not find that it is in the way. It is big, yes, so that when hiking I often leave it at home. But when attached, it really improves the handling of the camera. The larger grip and the wrist-strap makes it easier to carry, to shoot one-handedly and to shoot verticals. It even makes the camera more steady for those slow shutter speeds. Not to mention the ease of winding and re-winding the film. I find that the Motor-Drive gives me the choice of two cameras, the compact and "hand-driven" and the large and speedy. The difference being significant enough that I actually take time to consider what I need and take the Drive on or off. For me the winder somehow fell between two chairs, if you see what I mean.

Audun I.



Just a note to reinforce everything Audun has said. One of the great advantages of the R9 ( and earlier Rs for that matter) is the modular design approach. You can build a camera to suit your needs. The MD for the R8- R9 cameras moulds to the camera very well and improves the ergonomics of the system.

Regards Craig