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Multi Mode lenses (MM)


New Member
I want to buy a 45mm Tessar lens for my Aria.

I can notice that there are three types :

1) One with no automatic function and no "green" stop mark at all
2) One with green 8 stop
3) One with gree 22 stop.

Are the 2 and 3 the same ? I mean are both MM lenses that will work automatically the same on my Aria in the program and in the Tv mode ?


New Member
I own a 45mm lens with green 8. There is also a green marker on the focusing scale. When the lens is set to green f8 and the focus to the green marker, there is an extensive depth of field for candid shots without focusing. Mine is not an MM lens.


Watchout for fakes!

If the lens has not been messed with, it is a type MM if the 22 is green. But, it is a trivial matter to change the color of a number on a lens, takes maybe one minute.

If it is a type MM, it has a small tab at the back that actuates the MM switch on the camera body, when the lens is mounted. The tab is at the very outside diameter of the rear of the lens. If you look at the lens from the front, the tab is at approximately the 5 o'clock position (when it is nounted on the camera). You can easily see the switch on the camera body that it engages. Do not confuse this with the other projections at the back of the lens, like the iris actuator of its guard.

I have seen some eBay sellers who have changed the 22 to green in an attempt to get a better price. Carefully study the picture of the rear of the lens. If the seller did not provide a picture of the rear of the lens, ask for one. If the seller won't provide the picture, don't buy the lens. A good price for a 45/2 Tessar MM is about $150.

Hope this helps.

BTW, I have this lens on my Aria and it is a perfect match for this camera. Small enough to fit in a coat pocket.