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My Best Memories in <<FRANCE MONT BLANC.>> Which is called Le Toît de Monde :


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Congratulations. I like a lot your mountain shots. They somehow remind me about Ladislav Kamarad's work.


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The only shot I can see is the first one (mountain top with hikers/skiers in the distance), and I would really like to see the rest of this shoot. This is a mesmerizing image--I continued to look at it for about five minutes before writing this comment. Excellent!

Cyril Jayant

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Hi Hass451 Thank you for Nice feed back and comments. I was very proud to share those images in here amoung all of you who love great photography. Most of my images seems to have disappeared from several posts I have done since the forum server was upgraded recently. I did not put the question why was it changed and I can repost them with some more extraordinary images belongs to the same series that I have never posted anywhere . I 'll do it soon and thanks for your comments.