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My dear bluetits

Guest .

Hi All,

greetings from my garden now .... some little sunlight today!

Sample 2.jpg Sample 3.jpg

SIGMA SD14 / 80-400mm EX OS (@400mm) Both pictures crops!

See you with nice pictures

These photos are very good and look exceptionally sharp. Nicely done! Is there any post-production work or is it the lens by itself that gives you this result? I have the same camera and two sigma lens (18-50 f2.8 EX DC Macro, 150-500 f5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM) and never get this kind of sharpness.

Best regards!


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jeff tchaderjian....I am going to make two assumptions...please forgive me if I infer-wrong...

1st Assumption - you are probably using a UV filter on the lens...
2nd Assumption - you are not using a mono-pod for the shots...

And just a side note...a Polorizer on a very sunny day is a must...

Ok put your 150-500 on a monopod when you help you balance out better....second...take the UV filter off...I have found that they are great in protecting your lens...but soften-up the image when used...

Use SPP and shoot in x3f format...when you import the image into SPP you can sharpen it there...and play with the balances...then export the image as a JPG then bring it into Lightroom/PS/or NX2...for further manipulation...if it is needed...

Hope this helps out a little....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: