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My first image post


Well-Known Member
Good shoots David,
I like the lower view and "dof" of the first one.

What distance? with what lens?
not easy for me to catch this bird, I think it's a GazzaLadra we call in Italy, the thief one :) :) ....right?


Hi Bustoner,

Thank you.
The bird was near me (about 1 meter or less). I used a Sigma 18-50 EX Macro lens.
Shot at ISO 100, F5, 1/640s.

I was lucky, the bird wanted to share my picnic lunch and was not affraid at all. In France we call this bird 'Pie Bavarde' and yes this the thief one :)





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David...great information...on the picture...I love the coloring of the last one...and great head shot on the third...

Tony C.