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My Macro experiments....


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Hi all, I try with an Old camera (Panasonic with Leica) adding single good lenses in front to make super near macros ...obviously not good for flys, bees etc...

Here I show you some samples ....I'm opening up old low cost lenses to use single good lenses to add on my Sigma 200mm or 400mm and see ...I will attach tests soon.

problem: a lot of glare effect around


  • P1070402.JPG
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  • P1070405.JPG
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  • P1070408.JPG
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  • P1070425.JPG
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  • Ragnone (5).JPG
    Ragnone (5).JPG
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Forgot description...

First 2, a pink common flower in Italy, have to find name...
3rd - Steel Wire for fence
4 and 5 - snail back and eye
6th - without macro, very big spider in my rubbish

....consider are first macros