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My printer prints images and photos very greenish


I use Canon i560. Recently a strange problem appeared. My printer prints nicely all colors if printed divided. I mean all colors are printed well when not mixed, for ex&le just some figures of different colors, or lots of text with colorful clipart. But as soon as I try to print an image or photo it comes kind of very greenish. It looks to me like the green color is the subject in the photo. So I don’t know how to get rid of that to strong greenish. The photo or image has the accent on green color basically. I’ve noticed that same problem occurred when tried to print with my printer from other computer too. I tried refilling tanks so no problem about empty tanks. I tried to use any color profile available for my printer. I tried to clean printer had, nozzles, everything. I tried to completely reinstall printer driver. None of procedures solved the situation. Is my printer had/tanks broken? Is the reason about not compatible ink? Is there a hope for me to print photos? Will buying new ink tanks solve the problem?
Tanx a lot!