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My reason


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Well, I heard a lot about the Foveon sensor and the SIGMA cameras. I mainly use manual focusing lenses, (old lenses from film cameras). I never print or view the pictures other than the PC screen, so to me 3.4 Mpixels are fine.

I own a Canon EOS 350D, a Pentax *istDS and a Olympus E-330. But none show the quality of colour and sharpness of the pictures taken by the SIGMA.

So I decided to try the cheap way, a second hand SD9, and I fell in love!!.
Now I'm trying my M42 lenses on it, and probably I'll be getting a SD14 or SD15 :) in the near future.

And that's why I'm here ;)

Kind regards,


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I look forward to viewing your pictures....

Welcome aboard...

Tony C.