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My Sigma Flash 500 DG ST doesn't like my EOS 7D

I've got this flash for about 3 years now, it works just fine, is simple and robust, and does the job more than well, with E-TTL II standard and focal length recognition on my EOS 350D.

Lately, I bought the Canon EOS 7D, and my good old flash acts weirdly.
Within the camera menu, the EOS 7D says the flash is not 'compatible'.

The flash works, it fires, actually too much: it burns all my pictures.
The only way I have found so far to get something less worse, is to set the switch to 'ML' (kind of low fire power).
Seems that the E-TTL is not working.

Do I have to give up and assume that my flash is not compatible? OR is there something I might do wrong?

Thanks for your help


Well-Known Member
Vinzsigma13....Canon is notorious about switching things up so that aftermarket equipment does not work of the reasons I have stayed away from that brand...not that it's a bad thing...I just like using older equipment plus the cost factor...sorry for rambling...

1st I would contact your loca Sigma repair shop and see if they have any updates for the firm-ware in the flash...if they do you might be able to ship it to get it to work...but once they do that it will not work with your 350D....

2nd if there is no may have to shoot in manual mode - which for that flash is actually not can shoot full power just bounce the light from the flash off the ceiling or off the walls...when you use it...and get yourself a defuser...garyfong, eBay cheapy, ring flash, so help you work with it....

3rd...probably the best thing to do...keep that flash with the 350D and get-yourself a new one....

Hope this helps out a little...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:
Thanks for your reply.
Sounds bad, that's what I was fearing...
What nice (and affordable) Sigma Flash would you recommend for the 7D?



Well-Known Member
You can pick-up a Sigma DG EF 610 is 100USD more and well worth can still put an optical trigger on the other flash and use it as a slave on full power...

If you are looking for a cheapy....Bower makes one for about 130USD....

Good Luck..
Thanks again for your reply.
I'll have a look at the DG EF 610 Super.
I was thinking about reselling my 500 DG ST, butthe idea of using it as slave is not bad at all ;)


Well-Known Member
I would use one of these two...I would pick the one that has the PC-Sync if you ever want to use sync cables....

I put the links to the eBay items under the pictures...

Optical Slave-1.jpg
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Optical Slave-2.jpg
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I personally have a set of great...

Have a good one... Tony C. :z04_cowboy: