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Mystery 139Q


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone has come across this variant of the 139? It is apparently a Scientific version and it features a low-vibration mirror unit, a more durable covering than the usual leathers and which extends to the pentaprism, as well as a mysterious metal panel behind the Exposure Check Button. I have only just received her and she's working like a dream. I can find no direct reference to this version of the 139 though I have heard that about a dozen were made as a custom order. Any thoughts - has anyone come across one before? I love using my RTS Fundus bodies - a superb bridge between the RTS and RTSII in many ways - and the handling of this little 139 attached to the 159's winder is a delight. Over to you guys for any info...
All the best,


Well-Known Member
Hi Graham,

I have passed this on to ex CI member Bob Letsche, who will delve into his archives.





Thank you for taking the trouble to do that. I will be intrigued to find out more.

Best wishes,