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N Digital has died


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It's such a sad time, my beloved N digital has decided to call time.... it now only creates black squares and not lovely rendered images. Actually I'm really P**** off about it. As we know no option to have it fixed anymore. I have nearly a complete N system (except 85 and 350).
Only used occasionally, pulled it from the bag after quite some time and mechanically fine, just no images.

As well written about it was an awkward beast but satisfying when you get it right and delight to hold and use. Still can't think of another layout I like better than the N system, the thumb focus button is great idea.
Time to dust down the N1 and fire a roll a film again I guess. (I do have a Nikon 7200 set up, but that's just to easy)

Oh and my 50mm won't auto focus any more, dead, did it before and was repaired.... Looking back I see it was in 2012 when my ND went back to Japan for a main board.
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I assume you've tried contacting Julian: He's in the UK. Although the sensor can not be replaced (unless he has a donor/spare), if it's a capacitor or poor solder, the camera may be saved from becoming a beautiful paperweight. He repaired an RTSIII for me which seemed beyond redemption - I've had it now for 18 months since his work and it hasn't missed a beat.


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Alternatively, you can use all the N lenses on Sony E mount camera via this adapter. FOTOMIX C645-NEX for Contax 645 Lens to Sony NEX7/A7/A7rII/A7II/A7S Fringer AF Auto Focus Adapter Fringer in Amazon


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I own a Contax N. It has a quite old electronic - more than 20 years and not using it often enough can cause what could look like a dead camera, It happened to me. It took me 2 days to get it on good tracks - cleaning the contacts for the batteries - switching a lot - to say to the old camera that you want it to wake up. At the beginning you get only one picture good and , you change the batteries , and suddenly it will wok but for only 5 or 6 picture and you have to do it many times. But never leave the camera more than 3 months with no use ... It is like human , it needs exercise.