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N Digital just died !


Well-Known Member
It won’t switch on or respond to any buttons.
It initially came on and seemed very slow to respond and to only some buttons then progressively gave up.
The Rear LCD screen powers up, the main display screen on the back shows nothing and the top LCD nothing anymore.
Even the light won’t switch on.

I’ve tried fresh recharged batteries and also on mains power, with and without lens attached, always same result.

Chances of a repair ? (Just mailed Alpha Digital Services) .....
Will it have to go back to Japan ?
Guess I won't be needing any more lenses for while !!!


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Not many I believe it was/is like new......


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Woww that was quick, have written estimate back already. Needs new main board, overhaul and service.... Little under 400 pounds......
Just pleased it could be fixed, and they turning it around quickly.

Bit worrying it should fail, hopefully not a weakness in the design and a regular problem.
Dead Contax ND

I have a similiar problem. My second ND body seems to have a dead sensor. Everything else works fine. I asked Kyocera in Japan to repair it and they said thats no problem but could cost to 2000 Euro. So I do not know if its worth.


Well-Known Member
Mine came back last week..... so they aren't quick !!! It took some calls from the MD at AlphaDigital to push them them along.

Was a main board, sensor was/is ok, so cost was around 350GBP.... at 2k repair I wouldn't bother, they seem to sell for less on the few times they pop up on eBay. If you have two, keep it for spares ?
Contax N Digital

I think so.
Its not so easy to send it probably to Japan because of the custom, the shipping costs wouldnt be the problem.
I think you are a fan of the Contax-System ? Myself I like the Contax 645 more than the N.
Best regards


Well-Known Member
I was told the way to send back to Japan is through Alpha Digital services, even for countries in Europe, as they are the only official agents..... wasn't any taxes or duty to pay then as it was a repair.

I haven't tried the 645 system yet, would like to, but it's still expensive to get into...... plus finding a good way to scan the film at sensible costs.