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N Digital


I am considering selling my Contax N Digital. I am still not sure, I love the camera but I just don't use so much after buying a digital back for my 645. I was thinking in the range of 3000 - 3500, anyone interested?


Hi Roger,

What digital back did you buy for your 645? How long have you had it and what's your impression?

$3000 - $3500. Might be pretty tough to get, especially for a used one. New ones were getting dumped for that or less (at least that is my understanding). Widely perceived as a flawed, difficult to use digital camera -- and discontinued because of it (and in good circular fashion, discontinuing it legitimized the belief that it was flawed). As you might expect, not alot of deamnd for these cameras.
Last legitimate new N Digital sold on ebay for $2075. I suspect that the market for a used one would be less.


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I am thinking of switching to Leica R9 for the Digital Back I just bought a Digilux 2, which I like very much. Do you like the 645 with a digital back? What are the pro's and con's? Would you recommend it for womeone who is basically a 35mm format perosn?



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Scott, you've just missed the boat... From the moment of Adobe RAW 2.2 release I don't think that you will find a lot of people who will be willing to part with the camera. Basically, there were just two things that prevented the camera to be successfull - software and power. At this point, the software problem is solved by Adobe, and new 2200mAh batteries let you shoot about 150 pics in a row, which is not impressive by modern standards, but quite manageable.


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The ND is very impressive in RAW and the handling is great, except for the small buffer size. Image quality is better than (or as good as) my C645 scans from chrome.

Just keep checking eBay. Last time I checked, Contax dealer in Europe and Japan were still sell it brand new. You may have to pay full price though.

BTW, I wonder why Kodak canceled the 645 digital back production. I know there are a lot of choice for MF digital backs now but are very expensive. I wonder if the used Kodak C645 worth buying in today's standard?



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Contax N1 Body 9+ $800.
Contax ND Body 9+ $3000.
17-35 2.8 N mount 9+ $1400.
24-85 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $750.
70-210 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $495.
100 2.8 Makro N mount 9+ $895.
50 1.4 N mount 9+ $385.
360 TLA Flash 8+( reconditioned by contax) $300.
All include original boxes, paperwork etc.
Group discounts considered or trade for 9+ Canon equipment


Hello all ND Users,

All my gear is Contax. I have an N1 with the 3 zooms (as well as manual CY mount equipment) and have been waiting patiently for a new ND. That now seems to be out of the question. I currently scan in my transparencies using a Nikon 4000 Super Coolscan and am very happy with the results. However, after buying and using the TVS III, I would really like to be able to use my zeiss glass on a Digital SLR. I will not switch to either Canon or Nikon. Have used them in the past, nuff said.

I shoot primarily landscape photography and have no need for rapid action capability.

I have found a 2 year old Demo ND, barely used, for around $3,000. Does anyone who has used the ND alot have any recommendations on this?

I use Photoshop CS, make 13 x 19 prints (even from the TVS III when mounted on a tripod) and want to be able to go to 16 x20 or 20x 30.

Any help you can give me in making a decision would be appreciated. If the ND isn't worth it, I'll just stick with what I have.

You can see an ex&le of my work at

Thanx alot

Gary Hirschberg


> Gary, I purchased a used ND several months ago, and have used it > fairly extensively. I'm very pleased I bought it. The new mh batteries, and Powerex charger are great, so with an extra set of > batteries I think you'd be all set. The PhotoShop RAW plug-in is > excellent, and in general I've found the camera to be a great tool. > Out of date? Yes, but who cares, I used to use 30 year old RF Leicas > until my old eyes demanded autofocus! My main use of the camera is > portraiture, but I think it would be an excellent tool for landscape > use, given that noise will not be a factor below ASA 160. Of course > it depends on how critical you are, but I think it would be a stretch > to print 16x20 although I expect that if you're satisfied with the > TVSIII at 13x19, you'd find the ND just as good outputted to 16x20.


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I was thinking to dump the ND to save money for the new Canon Mark II. However, after I shot with the ND and 20d in the past few days in studio, ND still out performs the 20d in RAW. And the feel of the Contax body is so much better than the Canon, including the 1d Mark II.

I will hold on my ND a little longer. I also want to see if the Lecia digital back will give a better image quality comparing to Canon (not the speed.)


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Save a bundle and go with a Pentax 645, goes with ease to 16x20. Why this need to enlarge the mini format? I have a friend shooting for a large newspaper with the 1DMK11 and he hates it cannot get a sharp image, he's on his third body from Canon..Seems to be some sloppy quality control issues here and the marketing hype is driving people to feel they NEED to be shooting digital. 20D gota have it opps 30D soon what should I do, god Canon is laughin all the way to the bank !!!


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Contax N1 Body 9+ $700.
17-35 2.8 N mount 9+ $1300.
24-85 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $650.
70-210 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $375.
100 2.8 Makro N mount 9+ $875.
50 1.4 N mount 9+ $275.
360 TLA Flash 8+( reconditioned by contax) $245.
All include original boxes, paperwork etc.
Buy individually or Group discounts considered


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Contax N1 Body 9+ $550 still has 2+ yrs USA Warranty
17-35 2.8 N mount 9+ $1100.
24-85 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $550.
70-210 3.5/4.5 N mount 9+ $375.
100 2.8 Makro N mount 9+ $750
360 TLA Flash 8+( reconditioned by contax) $250.
All include original boxes, paperwork etc.


Ok, since now Kyocera has dropped Contax brand,
I hope there will be people thinking of jumpping out of the boat. Anyone who has his/her ND for sale please contact me at