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N Mount lenses and CY Mount



Hi!Dirk. Do you or any other member, have any oppinions on the differential ( if any ) in optical quality between the lenses for the N1 System, and lenses for say the Contax RX. I am returning to Contax after a very short period with Canon, and am rather hesitant as to whether I should go for the N1 which I have had before, or the Manual focus RX. The N1 that I had along with the 24-85mm lense was brilliant, but I am undecided as to whether I should opt for the slighter lighter RX. Any advice or oppinions will be very much appreciated.
Many Thanks. Ken Taylor


I have a Contax G2 but I'm non happy with because : I can't see object in focus ; no macro lenses ; no tele lenses ; no possibility to use Zeiss T lenses even with a GA adaptor because , as wrote to me two days ago Carl Zeiss AG Camera Lens Division Laboratory , "you could mount the lens to the GA adapter, but it could only be used at infinite distance,since such a lens needs a much higher focusing accuracy than the G-camera can supply. In addition the finder of the G-camera cannot show the field of the 135mm lens.In total it is not recommended to use the Planar 135 with a Contax G. Look for a Contax SLR body to use that lens" . But N1 system does not allow for ex&le to use a Planar T^ 135 mm. f2 (one of the best portrait lens) that I have found used at 750 Euro and not yet buyed , or Makro Planar T*100 and so on .
So I am thinking to buy SRL Contax like RTS III or Aria but they are no more in production . Most probably in the next 6 month I'll buy a Canon EOS 5D with an adapter for the above T* lenses and with a Canon 16-35 and the new 80 f2


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Hi Kenneth, regardless of into which (Zeiss) SYSTEM your are finally investing, lens quality is probably good enough. Donnot worry. So lens quality is better anyway than what you can scan back (ditigize) with a Nikon SupercoolScan 9000 at 4000 dpi using analog film. Or do you have a lot of time and your own drum scanner?
Do you have a clear specification of what gives you FUN} in photography? ex&les: lightweight (Aria body?), Mirror Lockup (RTS II, RTS III), 1/250s flash sync (RTS III), a handy system (=>not using bulky zooms?) Happy Easter! Rainer