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N mount lenses of other brands?

Hi folks,

the N system seems to be dead and gone. Looking back I ask myself if there were plans of other lens makers to produce some of their lenses with N mount. Somewhere I read an information that the cheaper range of Contax N (28 - 70 and 70 - 200) were manufactured by Sigma following Zeiss specifications. For me it seems a bit strange that in those five years the N system existed no one but Zeiss/Kyocera themselves were making N stuff.
For the C/Y bayonet there was a multitude of lenses made by Tokina, Tamrom, Sigma and some brands long forgotten.
So does anyone know something about N mount plans that never were realized? Where are those secret designs? Or were there really none???

Greetings, Hans


Active Member
Hans, I do not think lenses in the Contax N bayonet were ever manufactured by other lens makers. I have never seen any reference to such. At the moment I am awaiting the arrival of a Contax N1 (35mm), and the Contax N 70-300 lens. I managed to get them at a bargain price on ebay here in the UK. Considering the camera and that lens were in the region of £2,000 when new, I managed to get them at about 1/10th of that.