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N1 & AX RX and etc


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Dear Friends,

After playing in my hands with N1 + 24-85mm:

1. Does not compare in strong "camera feeling" with old AX, RX and of course RTS-III...Feels cheaper - too much plastic...not so strong inside.

2. Shutter is louder, than AX...

3. Autofocus is a little quicker, tahn AX...

4. Viefinder is worse (in my opinion), than AX...

5. Lens 24-85mm has too much plastic and feels cheaper, than 28-85mm 3.3-4 MM zoom. I can not comment quality of the pics...


Thanks for all expert comments on forum.
Can anyone tell me which camera to go for - the Contax N Digital (which I have been trying out in my studio) or the Cannon EOS 1Ds with more Mpix? I am interested in max quality of image.


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I would say the N1 is certainly between the RX and the AX in feeling. The AX is a wonderful tank and the RX a nice smaller solid camera. The N1 fits very nicely between the two while boasting better electronics, Multi Focus/Bracketing,etc.

The lenses ... yes the older CY 28-85 does have a heavier feeling ... but the 24-85 N Mount is still a very, very professional feeling lens with a wider field of view and is fully compatible with the ND.

I agree, the autofocus is a little faster on the N1 then the AX but I think the viewfinders are similar in brightness.




If money and weight are no object, I think Marc has the answer for you, and hopes you were kidding :).


While I don't have an N1, I have an ND, which I believe is quite similar in feel? As a former RTS I / II / III owner, I find the ND very much in keeping with the heft, feel & ergonomics I so much enjoyed in those cameras. And the 24-85 feels just as hefty.

I'm not sure where you get the cheap plastic feel from that lens, unless it was the 28-80? Or, maybe it's the manual focus ring action you're refering to, which would NOT have the hefty feel of the manual focus lens, seeing as you're only turning that small thin ring (and the electronic sensor coupled to it) and not actually moving glass elements directly. But to the best of my knowledge the 70-300 & 24-85 don't use plastic parts for the lens mechanisms, and to me do not feel that way either. The zoom ring feels smooth, tight and solid. I had it adjusted once, and has been like this ever since.




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Hi All,

I have to agree with DJ. I have two N1's. I have owned Contax since 1974 to include the RTSI, II, III, RX, G1 and the G2. I still own the G2 and all lens except the 16mm. I have to say that the N1 has become my favorite camera. I have shot with Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Rolliflex and Lieca and still prefer the N1. It just feels right and even though it's focus is a little slower then others I haven't missed any shots yet. The controls are well thought out, easy to learn and with the data back and extra battery pack is all the camera that I need...that is until I want to use my 4x5. I even prefer it over the G2, another camera that I am very fond of.




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Hello DJ,

The answer is simple...RX is smaller in size, than N1, but heavier...(see specifications).

I think (N1+ 24-85) represents its class of camera, but it's not in one line with (AX+28-85). Although I can not comment quality of the N lens, but in this forum you can meet a lot opinions, that 24-85mm is not in par with manual 28-85mm.