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ND 400 filter correction



Hi all,
I'm planning some portrait shots, strong backlit window setting, and a couple of strobes to the front. I have an ND-400 and was thinking of shooting at 1.4 or so. Checking the filter factor with two different bodies the correction is between 6 and 7 stops. The filter manufacturer claims a 9 stop correction. Should I go with the cameras meters, or with the filter guide?? Two or two and a half stops if a big jump. Thanks in advance for any recomendations.




If were you, I would not use strobes. I rather would use a slide-screen t o reflect the light from the window. It gives a fine ambiance to the pictut re. If you are not sure about the metering, it would be the best to take a couple of exposures with different settings, starting with the values of the meter, then varying up and down. You will get fine results this way.

Hans Villars, Switzerland


Great Idea!!!~!
Slide screens as large reflectors...
Fairly compact.
Hello EBAY!!!
Shouldn't need any ND..
Nothing wrong with reflectors made just for that purpose, but slide screens ought to be quite a bit lower priced.


Well-Known Member
Good suggestion Hans ! I was going to suggest exactly the same thing - you can get beautiful effects using this method . You dont even necessarily need a screen either - I also use largish sheets of polystyrene[very cheap!] and sometimes these fold up silver-foiled sun-screens used for keeping hot sun from streaming through the windscreens of cars when parked[ I have both silver and gold which is nice to reflect a little "warmth"sometimes .They also fold up very small and I generally have one in the car anyway!] . The projector screen can often be most convenient though because it generally comes with its own stand of course! Steve


Folded-up sun screen for cars is what I use. It works great indoors. But outdoors its flimsy construction occasionally makes it difficult to hold steady on windy days.