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Need Advice on the Contax NX


Well-Known Member
Hey Guys,

What does anyone here know about the NX with the CZ 24-80 mm AF lens? I am working up a potential trade of some of my surplus Yashica equipment for one in like new condition. I have never before owned an auto-focus SLR and thought it might be a good way to get my feet wet without laying out cash.

Pros and cons anyone?




Hi Tom,

Do you mean the CZ 24-85 or the CZ 28-80? I have an NX with the 24-85 - I tend to use it more than my N1. The N1 is a better camera, but I find the flash on the NX quite handy. Ergonomically, the NX is very good and the prices for this combo these days make it an absolute bargain.

The pros are the lens itself, and the handling of the NX. Have you tired it yet? - it's quite large, but I prefer it that way.

The only con I can think of, is if you want to expand your collection of lenses. Whilst most focal lengths are covered, there isn't a huge selection, and what there is, can be rather expensive. Also just check that it isn't the 28-80 that you are looking at; although it is cheaper and quite often packaged with the NX, I don't think it is quite as good as the 24-85mm. Having said that, from what I have heard, it is still a good lens.

Overall, I'm really happy with my N set-up - I don't regret moving over from Nikon at all.

So to summarise, go and hold one ... and take your credit card with you!

Cheers, Saras


Well-Known Member

Thanks for the input. Actually, what is being offered is the 28-80mm lens, which I understand has been sold in kit form with the NX bodies. In this particular case, I would simply be trading some older but good condition surplus Yashica film gear for the camera. Like you, I prefer a larger camera in my hands most of the time.

I'm sort of curious about autofocus SLR's having been strictly a manual focus guy for years, so if this trade works out, I will probably take the NX for a spin.