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Need Help on the Zeiss 15mm f35


New Member
I will be on a business trip to NY next week, and I am thinking about getting a used 15mm f/3.5 from B&H (@USD 1,599.00).

Can any other Contax users give me some idea about this lens in terms of metering or any other things that I should be aware of? And MOST important of all ¡ B&H¡¦s used department trust worthy?

Thank you in advance for all Contax users¡¦ help.


Well-Known Member
> I love the 15/3.5 but be sure you keep the horizon square otherwise you will get tremendous distortion. Also be aware that it's easy to get your feet in the picture ! B&H is an honest dealer. Ask if they will have their repair dept. (if they still have one) check out the mechanicals since you will be too far away to get benefit of a warranty,(yes, FED-EX works, but it costs) and If you have the time, shoot a few frames and have it 1 hour processed to make sure it's OK. I have both bought and sold to B&H and they have always been forthright in their business dealings.


New Member
Thank you for your help Phil. I tired B&H service before, but only limit to filter (B&W, they are hard to find in Hong Kong), but never deal with their used dept before. well, thanks for your tips, I thinks that's what I'm going to do...shoot a few frames. Hope I can find a good used 15mm.