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Need help

tax fan

I have a nikkor 28mm f2.8 AI-s lens that I want to use on my 8008s.I can use center or spot metering, Aperture or Manual priority. OK, so when I focus manually, set the aperture on the ring to f8 or other f stop, I can see in the LCD window a shutter speed but no f stop. If I release the shutter am I going to get a picture. Am I missing anything basic here. Help, help. TIA


> You are not missing anything. There's is no information about the > aperture on the LCD displays at all, but the metering center-weighted > and spot are working fine and exposure is correct. Using AIS 28 mm is > like the poetry. Shoot and have fun

tax fan

Hey All
Got back my photos made with the 28 f2.8 Nikkor and everyone came out great! The exposures were right on and it is very sharp. Focusing manually is no problem and the camera sets the speed automatically so all is Good. Thanks.