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Need some clarification


New Member
Hello folks,

I'm looking to buy my first dSLR. I've just recently started reading about the 4/3 system. At the top of my list of cameras to buy are: Nikon D90, Olympus E30 and Panasonic G1.

From my understanding, if I buy lenses for the D90 which has an APS-C sensor and then upgrade to a full frame sensor, the lenses for the D90 would not be compatible with say a Nikon D700/D3. Is this correct?

If I purchase an Oly E30 and lenses made for a 4/3 system, would I be able to use these lenses on another 4/3 body that may come after the E30?

Will a lens made for the Pany G1 (micro 4/3) work on a standard 4/3 body?



New Member
Looks like I found the answer to part of my question.

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You can use 4/3 lenses on a body that supports the 4/3 standard or a micro 4/3 body with the aid of an adapter. However, you can't use a micro 4/3 lens on a standard 4/3 body.