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Need some help from Zeiss Sonnar 85mm f2.8 MM owners



Hey, everyone!

I need some help from those of you who own Sonnar 85mm f/2.8 (the version that was made in Germany, not Japan). I noticed that aperture ring on mine is a little stiff and kind of disbalanced. It takes a little more force to move it from one position to another when compared to other MM lenses I have (but all of them are made in Japan). The "click" when moving it is also a little louder. I would think it could be a ball bearing lubrication, or perhaps it got misplaced in its track or something. In any case, it doesn't "feel" as other lenses. Which brings my question - did any of you notice the same thing or not? And if yes, and it's a fixable problem - how much would it cost approximately? (I'm located in California)

I simply need to be "armed" with some info before I call Kyocera in NJ, since getting to them is a real pain in the butt...

Thanks in advance,


Active Member
Hi Mike!

To my mind the aperture ring needs to be newly "oiled" (I do not know how to name it better). I had the same problem with an old 28 Distagon. I would reccomend sending it to Carl Zeiss Germany - expensive but good! On the other hand it should not be any problem in daily practise.




I can see your trouble explaining it
I also can't quite explain what is it exactly that I'm worried about. My lens is serial number 84342xx, which probably means it was manufactured less than 5 years ago (although it's just a guess based on recent serial numbers I've seen). It wasn't used a whole lot AND it was actually purchased new about 2 years ago. Which is why I'm puzzled about this strange issue with aperture ring. How much did your repair cost you?