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Need to Pick CF Card and Polarizing Filter

I need help in picking a good quality CF card for some rapid shooting and a good quality (not super expensive) polarizing filter for my D70. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Sorry I can't assist with the filter... other than I have a Kood skylight fitted to both my lens...
As far as the CF card goes, I would say go with SanDisk Ultra II... I have several of these, 1Gb cards, today I was able to capture 187 images without any hesitation or loss... I was using continous shooting mode, Jpeg / fine...
I bought a SanDisk Ultra III 1G (overkill but got a great price on sale) and love it. Shot 30+ continuous frames of my dog running around the yard and never hit the buffer (JPG Fine L). Have a 512 Ultra II which is great, too. I use Cokin drop in filters, not cheap but easy to swap between lenses/cameras.