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New Canon Fullframe DSLR in sight


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>A friend forwarded the following (I know not whence): > >

There is a -new- Canon that will be appearing in October..

The 5D - a 12.8 megapixel -full frame- sensor....

That means, among other things, a 14mm lens will be a REALLY wide angle lens, and a 200 turns into a 'modest telephoto' again, instead of a 360 mm monster to hand hold.

That also means that for a REALLY long lens, you could end up with the Canon 100-400mm with Image Stabilization, and a huge hole in the budget. Or something like a 28-135 for "normal" shooting...

Someone managed to get a PDF that has the first page in Spanish, but all the specs are in english.. and best of all, the metadata inside the pdf tracks the file back to an advertising agency in the northeast, and a name.

One of the guys on one of the photo web sites actually called the guy. He said it was all accurate, and that Canon won't be announcing it until October. The PDF was emailed to their dealers so that they could let select customers know it to pre-order..