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News New Canon fullframe MLU system - EOS R & lenses


Canon announced today its new fullframe mirrorless system. Similar to the Nikon Z-system, it will have a new lens mount. All new Canon lenses for this new system will have this new RF-mount.

Thanks to 3 (!) different adapters, all old Canon lenses are compatible with this new EOS-R system.

The first camera in this new system is called EOS-R. It has a fullframe sensor with 30,3 MP and Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Price of the body alone: $2.299. Available in October.


At the same time Canon presents also new RF lesnes for this new mount:

  • RF 35mm f/1.8 IS Macro STM (305g) - $499
  • RF 50mm f/1.2L USM (950g) - $2299
  • RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM (700g) - $1099
  • RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM (1430g) - $2999

More details on the EOS R website and in the press release:

Press release:

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In the following video they talk and show also more about Dual-Pixel AF for Videos, adapters etc.:

The following explanation videos of Canon USA show/explain really well the advantages of this new EOS R system. I wonder why Nikon did not promote its new Z-system the same way...

to be continued....
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Hi Marc,

yes, that is true. I am also very excited about it, although I am not a Canon user. I know that you used to have many Canon fullframes already, even in combination with Contax/Zeiss lenses and adapters in the very early times when we were both still young :)

Maybe I should change my Avatar image. This is already 6 years old..... :oops:

I am excited because finally all brands enter this market, which will lead to more competition and better products at lower prices. I mean even Panasonic seems to enter the fullframe market soon.

To be honest, Sony must have been bored over the last couple of years. Even for them it is getting (slowly) more interesting. Although Nikon Z6 and Canon EOS R are not yet what I would call "dangerous" for Sony.

But look at Canon's idea of 3 different adapters and what you can do with that. This is great! Why nobody else had that idea before?

We will finally have great times again as a hobby-photographer. It will get significantly better and cheaper. And all other sensor size systems have to adapt, which is also good for MFT and APS-C users. :daumenhoch_smilie:


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I'm not so amused. I've planned to buy 5DM4 next year, But now, it gives a new option, i hope soundless. And then to buy new optics, that's not fun. Ok, apdapter but I will the full functional capability and then the camera must be similar to the 5DM4 with similar operation possibilities. Can I say this?
So, I have some month to wait ans see what will come.