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New features at Hasselbladinfo


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Dear HI members,

we have some new features for you, both for free members as well as Supporters.

First of all, we increased image size for you both. Free members can upload images with up to 600 Pixel longest side with now 400KB. Supporting members can do the same with 1600 pixel on the longest side and 600KB.

Free members have now also Albums as a feature. For up to 10 Photos with 1600x1600 and 600KB size. Supporting members have the same sizes but for up to 50 images.

PM-archive function for free members is now 50, for supporting members now 500.

The classifieds section is open for free and supporting members at no charge. Please read the new rules for the classifieds section carefully within that section before you post an ad:

Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

Additionally we created a new gear section for everything outside of Hasselblad gear. As we have seen, some of you use several systems at the same time (i.e. also the new Leica S2, Pentax and Mamiya Digital MF) and obviously also 35mm DSLR and compact cameras. Hence we do not want to force you to look for other places for questions about this gear, we offer you the possibility to stay with your beloved Hasselblad community also for these kind of questions.

We also enlarged the text-box in your user-control panel for your gear (cameras and lenses), so that everything fits now easily there, even with large equipment. We find it always interesting with what kind of equipment you are working now and in the past.

Since we are not a commercial site, we depend on your support. If you find this site helpful for you, please help us and donate. Login to your control panel and look there in the lower left hand corner and follow the link & instructions there. As a supporting member you have more benefits than a free member.

Your Team