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New Film Camera


In the February issue of Popular Photography & Imaging, Herbert Keppler states, “However, Nikon won’t abandon film SLRs. A high level 35mm SLR is in the works.†Has anyone heard about a new Nikon SLR?


Hello Matt

I heard about rumors about a new NIKON 35mm SLR - but nothing confirmed so far. Maybe this is only the wish of some users ? I really do not know, what to improve on the current F5 (I am happy with mine since years) and would not even know what to improve on this.

Kind regards from France

Hi there,
recently I have purchased a second hand F5, with no instructions manual. Somebody can tell me where I can download a manual?
Thanks in advance.


Hi Francisco,
I happend to have an English language manual for F5.Not really for sale,but useless since I've also a manual in my mother tongue.If you don't succeed in downloading contact me, perhaps we can make a deal.
Good luck,